Roompot Parc Hambachtal, Monday 16.5.2016

Heißer Flirt auf der Insel? Mit dem netten Typ aus München (oder Düsseldorf oder Herne oder BadenBaden). Adresse notiert aber leider Zettel verlegt? Hier gehts zur zweiten Chance auf ein Wiedersehen...
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Roompot Parc Hambachtal, Monday 16.5.2016

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We talked a few sentences during breakfast für the first time,
it was Monday the 16th last year in May at Roompot Parc in Hambachtal.

You were there with your three children, I was there with my son.
You asked me if we could meet later. So we planned to meet at 11 o'clock at the pool.
But unfortunately we weren't there at eleven and lateron, I didn't see you again.
If you know who I mean, please contact me.

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